“You just don't want to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”

There is a time that you must take the first step to make your own life carrier, for that at least you must start from a single step. So my ambition is to be a software engineer. I have just started my degree, besides doing it I started to learn more things, so I followed some online courses to improve my skills and knowledge. After that, I thought, “Can I do something with this stuff??”


And I thought I could contribute through Github. Before that, I was supposed to learn about a version control system(VCS) known as git. So I referred the Ry’s Git Tutorial. After studying git I thought about contributing to the sefglobal.org website. As the first step, I started by creating PR’s to solve some easy issues and that was a good experience for me.


Now I am learning more stuff to improve my knowledge and to work with some challenging issues. So don't wait till the perfect moment, make the moment perfect, and take the first step………..